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For sensitive and talented people who love life. For people who want to make meaning of what they see happening around them and understand more of their inner world. Working together with lifemaps brings us closer to ourselves, it creates trust and helps us find our bearings

The earth’s boundaries have become tangible and the journey to a natural world is in fact a transformation which affects everyone and everything. Continuing as we are is not an option. The ball is in our court, in my court. Change starts with self-reflection. Who am I and how do I live as a person, a consumer, a worker, a citizen, a nature lover? What could I change in my choices and behaviour to live a more environmentally friendly life? Which changes would suit me well? It is a process, not a one-time thing. Asking ourselves these questions provides insight to find the context and the roles which come naturally to us and let us keep our energy high. Lifemaps help to visualise what’s going on, make connections and find new perspective. To choose direction for collaboration, to create a personal compass based on overview and insight, and gather realistic ideas for action.

Visualising, understanding, finding direction with lifemaps

Lifemaps are an instrument for intuitive self-discovery. At the basis of a lifemap is a scenario, a story about a personal or societal theme or a global issue. Each of the available lifemap scenarios tells its own story and illuminates a different perspective. Following the chosen scenario people fill in their own maps to create an overview of the current reality and the envisioned future. The text and symbol stickers for this contain knowledge on the topic and the table poster facilitates the self-discovery process. In online lifemap workshops participants tell each other their own story, using their maps. Together they elaborate on it in a group dialogue about the here and now and a brainstorm about the future. A lifemap experience is a learning journey, individually and collectively.

Experiencing yourself in fullness. In connection, relaxed and in mutual trust

When you express what is in you on the map it will give you a sense of intimacy and contentment. While you immerse yourself in the process, you’ll come closer to yourself. The filled-in map will read as a book and show the full richness of your life: who you are, your relationships, work, places, plans and purpose. It will show how everything is related and how you connect to the world. Feeling into what’s behind it will bring you clarity and inspiration and strengthen your resolve. You will work in a group of four in several online workshops. You are invited to come as you are. You don’t have to prepare or study because knowledge and process are built in, in the lifemap. The filled-in map will help you find words and tell your life story easily. The others listen deeply, with full attention, without discussion. A calm and open atmosphere will lead to an exchange which reaches further than people thought possible.

Closely collaborating in a group of four, using lifemaps, is an impactful experience

Lifemaps are meant to facilitate people in developing deep connections between personal themes and key societal and global issues. The lifemap process will show you ways to develop what is natural in you and in your environment. Collaborating in a group of four works well for this purpose. A lifemaps mini project starts with an online orientation on the scenario and on what the group wants and needs. Then, participants fill in their map in their own time, at their own homes. Online group work follows, in two workshops for enquiry, discovery and meaning making, to find direction and set the intention or goal to apply the findings. Every mini project follows this basic programme, but if desired a group can stay together longer, for example to observe over a longer period how their insights and intentions impact their reality. With the aim to learn from each other and encourage each other.

A set of lifemap scenarios, each standing by itself, together forming a coherent whole
Developing love as a person, a citizen

Finding out how your core values work for you to create optimal conditions for change

Voices in the city working together

Exploring the concept of the human hive will provide new ideas to live and work together

Manifesting a life, grounded in wholeness

Learning more about your unique inner powers for manifestation

Global citizen in a doughnut economy

Including the planet in your worldview to gain clarity for personal adaptation

  • Scenario: Becoming a global citizen in a doughnut economy
  • Mini project: there is room for a group of people who are motivated to contribute to the evaluation of this lifemap scenario from an experiential point of view. Participation in this mini project is free. Get in touch to find out more.
Your life's work, from a collective perspective

Enquiring into what’s collective helps to find new ways towards a healthy future

Recognising the soul in your life

Living from the heart, with a sense of soul, enriches and deepens your choices

  • Scenario: Recognising the soul in your life
  • Mini project: on request. This scenario helps people to dive deeper into the Why of their lives. It is especially fulfilling for people who have gone through a process of transformation.
Sharing about what it’s like to be young

Experiencing who you are, being seen and heard, in a generational group

  • Scenario: Sharing what it’s like to be young
  • Mini project: on request. This scenario is designed to be part of a larger event for intergenerational exploration and conversations.
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