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Developing love as a person, a citizen

Many people live their lives in safety and comfort. We tend to work hard and we are used to enjoying the fruits of our labour. Freedom, care and peace have become almost a given. The illusion behind it all is often that when you go on as you do, the conditions will stay favourable and you can stay as you are. In reality, the global challenges ask of each of us to let go of our drive for more, different and better, and to take care of what is important for the collective. We need to adapt and make changes. Developing more love in your life, as a person and as a citizen, is a great way to give form to this. In this lifemap scenario you’ll create an overview of everything that is of importance to you and close to your heart, in all areas. Seeing yourself in this overview, evokes feelings of contentment and self-appreciation. Guided by your inner angel, you’ll find new ways to develop love. It will be a fulfilling journey.


The image shows the lifemap building blocks

The lifemap package for this scenario contains the building blocks shown in the image above: a landscape poster and developing love stickers, which are an extended version of the life stickers.

The overarching goal for this lifemap scenario

The overarching goal for this lifemap scenario is to create awareness of the potential in developing more love as a way to strengthen the foundation for change.

Your inner angel will show you new ways to develop love

Symbols of the inner angel are part of the lifemap package.

Developing more love for self and all creates a strong foundation for change

How would it be for you, when you would create your everyday life with love? Love, as a great creative power, love as a life force? This lifemap scenario is meant for a broad audience. It will bring joy to spend quality time with yourself and to share your life story with others. The lifemapping process using the landscape poster is intuitive, intimate. Choosing stickers is easy, since everyone can find their key themes when asked the question: What is most important to you? The beauty of the landscapes inspires you to express what is in you. Making a map of your life, that reflects everything which is important to you, lets you feel good. In a relaxed and calm state you’ll find areas where you can develop more love, for self, others, your places and the planet. Sharing stories in the group will create a feeling of mutual support and trust.

Love will make it more easy to embrace what’s happening in the world

Climate change, war and domination are global issues. Although it often does not affect us directly, we are impacted by what is happening. Maybe you cannot see what you can do or what is yours to do. The map you create in this lifemap scenario shows how you think and feel about the world today. It provides an overview of what it is that affects you as a person. It informs you about where you stand as a citizen. Maybe you feel powerless or you experience anger or fear. The map will help you tell your story. By sharing it with others you’ll express what’s going on in you, which helps you to process what is happening. Deeply listening to each other, without discussion, helps to be seen and heard and creates a space of diversity and togetherness. In an open dialogue you can learn from each other and gather concrete ideas about what you could do in your own life to develop more love.

Personal safety and privacy

How the built-in lifemap process facilitates a safe environment for sharing and how personal information is protected during the whole programme will be discussed in advance.

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