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Manifesting a life, grounded in wholeness

This lifemap scenario is about conscious manifestation. As a change maker you have chosen to take your role in the transformation of society. You’ll be drawing from all resources available to you, at a daily basis. In this scenario you’ll come to know more about yourself as a ‘personal creator’, co-creating with all of life. Oneness is the vision and harmony in unity is a core value of the maker of lifemaps. You’ll find out what this can mean to you. How would it be, when you would recognise your own core values as powers? When you do, you can choose to develop them and work with them as part of your life force, in support of your endeavours, in all areas of life. When you set this as your intention and commit yourself, you’ll find that great things will come into being, in the course of time.


The image shows the lifemap building blocks

The lifemap package for this scenario contains the building blocks shown in the image above: the compass poster or life’s path poster, life’s work and creating stickers, and creating symbols. A sticker sheet strip with heart symbols will be part of the package.

The overarching goal for this lifemap scenario

The overarching goal for this scenario is for people to gain understanding of some of the universal principles of creation and to experience the workings of their core values and inner powers. With the aim to find out why, especially in these times, it really helps to create the inner conditions.

What this lifemap scenario will bring

In this scenario you’ll go on an exploratory journey, which is wide as well as deep. As a basis for this, you’ll build an overview of your life on the poster, which covers all areas of life. Adding little heart symbols to those areas of your life where you brought in and experienced your core values will help you to become aware of their role in your life. Creating stickers will inform you which capacities you used or types of action you took so far. Creating symbols add a third layer to the poster. They offer you keys to help you imagine and make concrete what you want to focus on in the future. In a group exchange group members give each other feedback, encouragement and ideas for the future.

The heart symbol invites you to live with heart and soul and to fully use your unique inner powers

Through the use of this symbol on the poster you’ll become aware of the workings of the universal principles of creation in your life. You’ll discover how to combine those with your core values, core qualities, intentions, big dreams and imagination.  You’ll get a realistic impression of yourself as a ‘personal creator’.

Creating symbols help to manifest from who you are

Personal safety and privacy

How the built-in lifemap process facilitates a safe environment for sharing and how personal information is protected during the whole programme will be discussed in advance.

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