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Manifesting a life that is grounded in unity

In this lifemap scenario you’ll go on an explorative journey, which is wide as well as deep. As a basis for this, you’ll build an overview of your life on the poster, which covers all areas of life. Adding little heart symbols to those areas of your life, where you brought in and experienced your core values will help you to become aware of their role in your life. Creating stickers will inform you which capacities or types of action you did and did not use so far. Creating symbols add a third layer to the poster. They offer you keys to help you imagine and make concrete what you want to focus on in the future. In a group exchange group members give each other feedback, encouragement and ideas for the future.         


The image shows the lifemap building blocks

A lifemap scenario and workshop for a self-chosen group of four. Each group member works with the lifemap building blocks shown in the image: the compass poster or life’s path poster, life’s work and creating stickers, and creating symbols.

The overarching goal for this lifemap scenario

The overarching goal for this scenario is for change makers to have an  experience of the holistic workings of human values and to get to know why, in these times, it really helps to create the inner conditions to live and work from your core values.

The heart symbol is an invitation to you to live according to your core values

Through the use of this symbol on the poster you become aware of the subtle and soft power of your core values. The experience will inspire you to live according to your values in everything you do.

Creating symbols help to manifest from who you are

Workshop programme

A workshop programme with an alternation of individual mapping at the home location and a group exchange on Zoom works well for this lifemap scenario. With time in between the rounds, to let things sink in. In an individual mapping round people start by adding creating stickers on the poster. After that, they create an overview of their course of life on the poster. In a group exchange people tell each other the stories of their lives up until now, while others listen deeply, without discussion. In another round of individual work people add the creating symbols to their posters, after which the group convenes again to explore and make sense of what they found on their maps about manifestation, about themselves as ‘personal creators’.  In an open dialogue people reflect about adopting one of more new ideas and how to make those a part of everyday life, for now and in the future. The duration of the programme will differ, depending on the depth of reflection and the scope of elaboration the group wants.

Personal safety and privacy

How the built-in lifemap process facilitates a safe environment for sharing and how personal information is protected during the workshop will be discussed in advance.

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