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Developing peace as a person, a citizen

Many people all over the world live their life in safety and comfort. They work hard and enjoy what they made of it. To them, freedom and peace have become a given. The illusion behind it all is often that when you go on as you do, the conditions will stay favourable and you can stay as you are. As it is, the global situation asks of each of us to let go of our drive for more and to be less egocentric, taking better care of what is important for the collective. Developing more peace in your own life is a great way to practice this. In this lifemap scenario you’ll create an overview of how what’s going on in the world is reflected in your life. Seeing yourself in this overview will show you new possibilities to create peace. Acting on those will nourish you as well as the whole.


For groups of four people who want to promote peace: the materials for the lifemap scenario Developing Peace as a person, a citizen will be sent to you free of charge. An experienced host will be available for Q&A, free of charge. It is much appreciated when you share your outcomes. Interested? Let us hear from you via the contact form.

The image shows the lifemap building blocks

A lifemap scenario for a self-appointed group of four, for do-it-yourself or for in a workshop. A group coordinator receives the lifemap package for the group, containing the building blocks shown in the image for each member: the developing peace stickers, which are an extended version of the life stickers and a landscape poster.

The overarching goal for this lifemap scenario

The overarching goal for this lifemap scenario is to create awareness of the importance of developing peace at an individual level to strengthen the foundation for world peace.

The vision that’s woven into the lifemap scenario

The symbols shown below represent the vision. The beehive and bees remind you that a bee cannot live without other bees, the beehive and nature. A beehive can refer to a home place, neighbourhood, city or country. The planet symbol illustrates that there is one world for all species and that everything is connected. The white angel refers to the voice of peace inside of each of us. These symbols are part of the lifemap package.

Inner angel of peace
Honey bee

What working with this lifemap scenario could bring

Climate change, the pandemic, the war in Ukraine are worldwide issues. Although many of us are not affected directly, we are impacted by what is happening. Maybe you cannot see what you can do or what is yours to do. Creating a map that shows how you think and feel about the world today. It provides an overview of what it is that affects you as a person, a citizen. It informs you about where you stand. Maybe you feel powerless or you experience anger or fear. The map will help you to tell your story. By sharing it with others you’ll express what’s going on in you, which helps you to process what is happening. Deeply listening to each other, without discussion, helps to be seen and heard and creates space for diversity in unity. In an open dialogue you can learn from each other and gather concrete ideas about what you could do in your own life to learn to deal with conflict and develop peace. About how you can work together with family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, .. to build a culture of peace.

Do-it-yourself or in a workshop

This lifemap scenario offers an experience. To create the right conditions, it is tailored to a group or context, in advance. The scenario can stand on its own or be part of an event for peace. A group of four people can choose to work with this lifemap scenario without or with any desired level of support by a host. A workshop can be pre-structured or free format. Whatever approach is chosen, a host will be available for questions.

A workshop programme

A workshop programme starts in a Zoom call, with a short group introduction and questions and aswers about the poster, the process and how to choose text stickers. A round of individual work follows – at home or on location – in which people fill in the poster with text stickers and peace symbols. It is important, that they get enough time to do this, typically 2+ hours, to fully immerse in the process and create a filled-in poster that gives them a sense of completion. The individual mapping process can best take place in a spacious, relaxed and harmonious environment. The next round is a Zoom call that is all about storytelling and listening to the stories told by others, without discussion. Depending on what the group prefers, the last round of the programme can consist of an evaluative check-out round, an open dialogue or a brainstorm. The programme of the call can take 1,5 up to 3 hours.

Personal safety and privacy

How the built-in lifemap process faciliates a safe environment for sharing and how personal information is protected during the workshop will be discussed in advance.

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