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Forming a worldview and finding your place in it

Everyone has their own worldview, consciously chosen as well as coloured from within. Becoming a global citizen means more than just having a collection of opinions and beliefs about the world. It means turning these into involvement and actively expressing them in one’s own life. In this lifemap scenario a personal worldview is formed, with climate change as a central theme. The poster and mapping process help to find a connection between your life, the local scale and what’s going on in the world. This connection holds information about your unique position. The reality-based worldview on the poster helps you share your view. It brings clarity and ideas about areas to contribute to. It shows where your roles of preference lay.


The image shows the lifemap building blocks

A lifemap scenario and a workshop programme for a self-appointed group of four. A group coordinator receives the lifemap package for the group, containing the building blocks shown in the image for each member: the blue planet poster and worldview stickers, which are a variant of the city stickers with a different colour scheme.

The overarching goal for this lifemap scenario

The overarching goal for this lifemap scenario is to share oneness of all life as a vision, care as the way to develop and express it and peace as a way to stay calm in disturbing times. The images shown below symbolise the greater goal and are part of the lifemap package.


For global citizens

Every day we get bombarded with information, but it will become more difficult to deal with it over the coming decades, while we are collectively trying to mitigate the risks and adapt to climate change.

How can I find the energy and strength to stay positive? This lifemap scenario answers and brings up relevant questions as well. Process and worldview will give you pointers as to what the position and roles are that come naturally to you, helping you to keep your energy high and be on your best. Linking the worldview with your dreams and life goals changes the worldview into a vision, which will inspire you. Sharing it all with others will create a sense of belonging and will make you feel supported.

How can I make sense of everything I will be confronted with? How can I relate to global issues? People often ‘archive’ everything into separate categories, such as: close to my heart, or: news and opinions for discussion, or: too big, complex or far away from me to mean anything. The poster shows moodscapes and offers different scales. The step-by-step mapping process provides a holistic and intuitive approach. The poster will gradually reveal a persons whole view and show the themes in relation to one another. The worldview-on-the-poster will show coherence, whether it is about local or family matters or global issues.

Why would I want to find my place and role in the worldview and how would I do that? The filled-in poster mirrors your life, even if not everything is visible. The (inner) experience will create wholeness, filling in the gaps.  By exploring the filled-in poster and adding indicators about your beliefs, values and capacities, areas on the poster will come to the fore, that highlight who you are. After having told your story, you’ll receive feedback from the group, which will help you find out more about your role and place.

This lifemap scenario is a medium to create overview and clarity at an individual level, taking the time to listen to each others stories. It will help the speaker make his or her worldview explicit, getting full attention from the others builds trust and  motivates. For the listeners the story is authentic and deeply interesting. The exchange creates mutual understanding. The scenario offers a safe platform for sharing, in a genuine and non-confrontational way. The individuals feel supported and people in the group will empower each other.

Workshop programme summary

This lifemap scenario fits in a workshop programme that consists of two to three meetings of 2 hours, preferably with some time in between.  Choosing themes for the worldview is a step by step process, guided by the host, with rounds of exchange in between. Putting the first few stickers on the poster can seem difficult, but after that the process will flow smoothly. It is crucial to create an open and supportive environment for exchange, combined with room for the individual to withdraw for the stickering and for reflection. Using a Zoom environment with the whole group present works well. Sometimes emotional reactions can arise, which can change the energy in the group, so a host needs to be capable to hold these and create a safe space for all.

Personal safety and privacy

How the built-in lifemap process faciliates a safe environment for sharing and how personal information is protected during the workshop will be discussed in advance.

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