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You develop your capacities, grounded in care for self, others, places and the planet. You discover how you can nourish what is natural for you. By connecting deeply to key personal, societal and global issues, you find direction and options to align your life to the changing conditions.
Imagine how you create a map of your life on a poster which you can then use as your guide
Lifemaps.NL Be your own guide

A lifemaps project is designed to find ways to create more wholeness in your life. You’ll discover more about your hidden talents, about using all your senses, about embodiment, about your intuition and what drives you. You’ll find out more about the material aspect of your life and about your connectedness to the environment.

Imagine a group of four in which you feel free to express yourself, in which you are seen and heard

The intention for lifemaps projects is to bring together like-minded/hearted people. Deep listening, full attention. A formative dialogue, no discussion. Group members will inspire and encourage each other. Care, beauty and harmony will infuse the sharing. All of this mixed with a bit of humour when opposites show up.

What would inspire, inform, motivate, empower, support, help you on your life journey, today?

The considerations shown below will give you an impression of possible experiences.  You’ll find examples of what could apply to you or attract you.

For highly sensitive people every day is filled with a multitude of different sensations, from within and from the outside. How can you communicate from that, when others seem to live in a completely different world? You make a map of your life without having to think or reason, you can use your tactile sense, work with colours, symbols, nature. You will get to really see yourself and all your subtle powers! How can you stay calm and centred while the presence of others and the intensity of what you sense is overwhelming? Learning to tune in and align with others and with what is happening is essential. Diving deeply into yourself and practicing to express yourself fully will help you find out more about how to connect to the outside world in ways that work well for you.

For gifted and multitalented people. You are unique in ways, at levels, in dimensions (and more ..) that others cannot grasp. What did you develop in yourself, up until now? Immersing yourself in a deep and wide mapping process brings your whole self to the fore. What do you do to fit in, to find your place? You can always adapt, it is a strategy that works well, but what has it brought you and what did it cost you? Your filled-in map will be a treasure chest. You’ll find ideas and ways to live more fully with the richess and challenges which come with your gifts.

For people who want to reflect about citizenship and what it means to become global citizens. You create a personalised overview of you in the world. The filled-in map will become the basis for individual and group enquiry. Getting to know about the planetary boundaries and about your roles in a doughnut economy, will give you new perspective. Reflection about the human hive and practicing with multi-stakeholder collaboration, will bring up new ideas and options. Insights will be grounded in your own reality.

For older people who have the spirit and courage to conclude that their lives have not been preparing them for the future that has now become today. It is uncomfortable, it makes you feel vulnerable. Creating a multi-faceted map of your whole life: past, present and future will show you old habits that do not work anymore as well as areas for new knowledge and self-development. Elaborating on this together brings support and trust. Hope and action will give you new inspiration.

For people who want to discover how they can come closer to who they are and create their lives according to what comes natural to them. You create a multi-layered overview of your life for enquiry and discovery. This will create clarity, intimacy. You will learn more about how the subtle laws of creation show up in your life and discover openings for where and ideas for how to apply them in real life.

For people who are change makers by nature, with an inborn drive to contribute to a greater cause. By visualising your life and life goals, building your life vision on the map and sharing your story with others, you create space for yourself for reflection, calibration, and extrapolation into the future.

For individualists who want to enquire into the meaning and workings of concepts such as citizenship, collective interest, commons, the human hive, ecology. Based on a deep dive into your life, using multiple layers of stickers, and by sharing about your map with others, you will find ideas and ways to bring the collective aspect in yourself to the fore.

For people who work in sectors where they have to digest and deal with global information and big issues in society, every day. Creating a map which visualises your worldview as well as your personal life will offer insight into how you can make meaning and create inner coherence, such that you can keep your balance.

For people who want to know where they stand in the turmoil of today and find out how that impacts their lives: their goals, their options,  possible directions. By creating overview and clarity about your current situation and working with guiding principles for now and later, you will be able to create your compass for the future.

For people who have gone through a transformation after a life changing event. Creating a beautiful, inspiring overview of who you are in an intuitive way will bring you close to yourself. Being heard by others while sharing your story will create heart space and inner strength for you to redefine yourself and find new options.

For people who are worried and anxious about the future, because of climate change and other global issues. Spending time with yourself and getting to see the deeper layers of love and soul behind everything, you will find courage to accept what is happening. By expressing your emotions on the map and relating to them in the sharing, you will discover ways to create more peace inside.

For people who would like to tell others and the world about themselves or talk about difficult and complex matters. Supported by the right map and lifemap building blocks and choosing the right process for you, you will be able to express yourself really well. The filled-in map will give you language. Practicing with storytelling will help you find the right wording.

For people like you, who .. 

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