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Life's path poster

You’re going to fill in your life journey with this poster. The journey consists of four paths. They are not separate from each other, because it’s all about your life, but they can be distinguished from each other as four perspectives on your life: me personally, relationships, career and living environment.

The person on this life journey is you. You are here, now. Behind you is the past, starting from your childhood. And in front of you is the future. You can see your life’s path right up to the horizon. It doesn’t end there; it only disappears out of sight.

The sun on the poster stands for fulfilment, realisation. It stands for that big dream you already made come true, for example by finally taking that trip around the world or writing that book you always wanted to write. The aspect of your life in which you have already reached your destination in life, for example because you are with your perfect partner, the person you want to grow old with. So the sun stands for the areas in which the profound spirituality or fulfilment of an essential goal in life have already been experienced. These aspects will inspire you when studying your life to reach that in other areas too.

The four paths of the life journey

  1. Me personally: how do you feel inside and what do you think? This path stands for your inner life, for that which is yours alone and which you do not share with others. For example: you’re relaxing with a drink and a snack. As you do that, all sorts of thoughts are running through your mind. Maybe you’re feeling nervous about an important meeting and worrying about it. Such thoughts and feelings from your inner world belong on the path ‘me personally’.
  2. Relationships: are about you and your family, extended family, colleagues, friends, neighbours, compatriots…. About how you deal with others and with whom you interact. For example, in a conversation with your child. Or taking part in sports with your friends. Or in the mutual relations in your team at work.
  3. Work: all actions and activities in your life belong in ‘work’. You’re working together with your team on a project for your employer, for example. Or you’re attending evening classes that you feel are important to your further development. You’re going to a music festival. Or you’re doing voluntary work in the community garden.
  4. Environment: This path is a collection of different themes. All things material  in your life such as your home or the church building belong here. It also contains the place you live and the countries you are traveling in. The culture, economy and nature are also a part of the environment.

Possible impact of the life journey paths and stickers

  • There are too many stickers for you to picture at once. The only thing you can do is use your intuition when choosing.
  • You work with multiple kinds of stickers. You gather together the pieces of the puzzle of your life and work without being able to control the process.
  • You collect the entire reality. You can’t avoid it. You can’t kid yourself.
  • You often think about just one thing at a time. You may well be different in different areas of life. You make a complete picture with the life’s journey, where everything of yours is covered.
  • You have both feet on the ground and don’t get caught up in thoughts, dreams or ideas.
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