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Taking care of self, others, place, planet. By working with the Master Code of Care, we can give it significance and subsequently find a direction for our actions
7 Keys in unity

In the first half of 2021 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a new assessment report. Scientists have extrapolated, that the point in time when the earth will see an event of major climate change impact will not be in 2030 but earlier: in 2026. A cause for the world to reflect on the urgency for change and direction for action. In 2022 the dominant powers in Russia chose to invade Ukraine and start a war. A time for everybody to recognise that peace and unity are essential values for the human race. As individuals it is up to us to decide which role to play, which steps to take, to adapt to the new reality. Embedded in all that is lifemaps is the realisation of oneness and of life as creation in evolution. Perhaps working with lifemaps will help ease our worries. Perhaps it can inspire our choices.

The vision becomes concrete by applying the Master Code of Care

The vision for the lifemaps is made concrete in a coherent set of learning and discovery journeys, in which the Master Code of Care is applied: Taking care of yourself, others, place and planet. Each lifemap scenario tells its own story. The aim is to offer experiences in which people can connect to societal and global issues, discover new information about their own unique position, role and mission, and determine a realistic and environment-friendly course for the future.

Developing peace

Many people all over the world live their life in safety and comfort. They work hard and enjoy what they made of it. To them, freedom and peace have become a given. The illusion behind it all is often that when you go on as you do, the conditions will stay favourable and you can stay as you are. As it is, the global situation asks of each of us to let go of our drive for more and to be less egocentric, taking better care of what is important for the collective. Developing more peace in your own life is a great way to practice this. In this lifemap scenario you’ll create an overview of how what’s going on in the world is reflected in your life. Seeing yourself in this overview will show you new possibilities to create peace. Acting on those will nourish you as well as the whole.

For groups of four people who want to promote peace: the materials for the lifemap scenario Developing Peace as a person, a citizen will be sent to you free of charge. An experienced host will be available for Q&A, free of charge. It is much appreciated when you share your outcomes. Interested? Let us hear from you via the contact form.

Sharing about what it’s like to be young
Being young

We live in uncertain times of extremes, polarisation and fragmentation. People need each other more than ever. We need to work together, in mutual trust and solidarity. So let us realise that love is stronger then everything. Youth is a phase in which people are extra vulnerable. In this lifemap scenario younger and older generations reflect in an intuitive way how life is/was for them, in their youth. The landscapes, stickers and symbols inspire them to create an image of their youth on the poster. The poster becomes a temporary homebase, from which they tell each other their stories, while the others listen, with full attention. The intention of this scenario is to create a welcoming space for all to be fully present and share with each other from who they are.

4 Voices in the city working together like bees in a hive
4 Voices in the city

Bees collect nectar to make honey for the hive and at the same time they spread pollen for plants and trees in the area. How can humans learn from the bees? How can a city provide for its own needs and act responsibly towards the eco-regions that feed it? How can the stakeholders in the city join forces to realise change? This lifemap scenario brings four voices in the city together: civil servant, business manager, not-for-profit manager and citizen. It offers them a journey of discovery to find answers to the questions. Representatives of the voices each map their current reality and near future. They tell each other their stories. A dialogue follows about the future of the city. Throughout the process they play out the story of the bees. This scenario is meant to gather new ideas and inspire the city and its inhabitants.

Becoming a global citizen in a doughnut economy
Citizen in a doughnut economy

In today’s world, we still have a long way to go when it comes to an economy that takes the limits of the earth into account. This lifemap scenario is intended to shed light on the individual perspective in the economy. For this purpose it portrays people as enterprising citizens and consumers of resources. One’s own reality is depicted on the poster. The Doughnut Economics model is introduced. Then the question is brought in: How can I create a doughnut aligned sustainability strategy that works well for me? The poster is completed and a discovery process follows. Scenario and process provide a realistic experience. People get involved, the outcomes are felt as their own.

Forming a worldview and finding your place in it

Forming a worldview

Everyone has their own worldview, consciously chosen as well as coloured from within. Becoming a global citizen means more than just having a collection of opinions and beliefs about the world. It means turning these into involvement and actively expressing them in one’s own life. In this lifemap scenario a personal worldview is formed, with climate change as a central theme. The poster and mapping process help to find a connection between your life and the local scale with what’s going on in the world. This relationship offers information about your role and position. The reality-based worldview on the poster helps you share your view. It brings  clarity and ideas about areas to contribute to. It shows where your roles of preference lay.

Recognising the soul in your life and work
Recognising the soul

We live in a busy, complex and fast-changing world. As an individual it is crucial for you to see yourself clearly, know who you are and what a fulfilling life means to you. While we are becoming aware of the fact that everything is connected, the current world situation shows that as humanity we are not able yet to work from unity, interdependence and togetherness. So what is crucial at the collective level is to learn to work together, bridging differences. Jointly creating an overarching vision inspires and helps with decision-making. This lifemap scenario is about being aware that your life matters and that cooperation is promoted when both the I’s and the WE are fully present.

Future orientation in times of climate change
Future orientation

Climate change is at the centre of attention, although not in the minds of a sufficient number of businesses,  governmental organisations and politicians, yet, nor in the care of enough citizens. Besides making agreements and taking action, internationally and worldwide, it is necessary for all people and parties everywhere to prepare for the future. This lifemap scenario offers individuals a way to explore to which future they would want to contribute to. To look forward and find concrete and practical stepping stones for climate adaptation and a more nature-friendly life, that match with their own life and work.

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