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Connect deeply to the big themes close to your heart. You are welcome to engage using the free offerings or to participate in a paid lifemaps project. We are our own guides and mentors. We bring in what we have to offer. We encourage and support each other. We take into account that we are part of the whole.

♡ Welcome! I consider it my job to create the conditions to deeply connect to key personal, societal and global themes. In a way that helps you discover more about how you can be fully alive and contribute to our world in these challenging times. I am offering a combination of free engagements and paid lifemaps projects. When we are together we create a common ground, starting from our own inner foundation. Experience teaches that when there is common ground and a sense of purpose participation has a real impact. I would like to extend a special invitation to highly sensitive, gifted and multitalented people.

You are warmly invited to:

For most people it is not immediately clear what working with lifemaps entails. A personal contact is the best way to get answers quickly as well as get a first impression of the approach. Both the phone number and the messaging function are on the Contact page. More information about me can be found on About Ellen and on LinkedIn.

Request to participate in a lifemaps project

You can request a project for your own group of four or participate in a new project that’s starting. The homepage indicates for which lifemap scenarios there will be openings to participate. You can always ask to be put on the waiting list for a certain scenario. You’ll get an email when that particular group of four is complete.

Lifemaps project participation costs

The website presents the offerings for groups of four individual buyers and for private use. Offerings for organisations are always tailor-made.

A project consists of a lifemap for each participant, an introductory group call and two online 2 ½ hour group workshops on Zoom, spread out over one to two months. The overall fee per person is € 349, VAT included.

Project costs are 20% lower in case a group registers and pays for them in a single payment and if the four lifemaps can be sent as one package to one address. This counts for EU countries as well as other countries.

Most groups choose to continue. The next 1,5 hour monthly online calls for the group of four cost € 20 per call, per person, VAT included. Group members choose a certain period for the group and pay for it, in advance. 

A lifemap package

A lifemap package consists of a transparent envelope with a table poster and sticker sets in it. There are four different posters. The poster size is 59,4 x 84 cm (23 38 × 33 18 inch). Sticker sets are produced in-house, which makes it easy to adapt them. Life is constantly changing. The themes and concepts on the stickers are checked regularly on values, integrality, diversity and inclusiveness. For each project sticker sets are evaluated on their functionality for the group. Lifemaps will be travelling over longer distances, to different countries, in paper form. It is a conscious choice, taken to enable people to make use of the tactile sense. Lifemaps are meant to mirror a situation, key issue, work or life, the paper form helps to create an intimate atmosphere for self-discovery.

Shipping costs included

Shipping costs are included in the lifemaps project costs. Your lifemap package will be posted on the working day after your payment is received.

Enrolling, payment
  • When you’ve confirmed to participate in a lifemaps project around a certain scenario, you’ll get a simple form, to fill in, per email, asking for the data that is necessary for order confirmation, fulfilment, tax and administration.
  • Payment of the project fee and for the follow on calls is done upfront. The payment options are by money transfer from your bank account to the Lifemaps.NL bank account or by money transfer using VISA Card. You’ll receive the correct VISA card information after your confirmation of participation.
  • Lifemaps are used internationally. Inside EU (SEPA) regulation is simpler and costs are lower. Rules and costs for other countries differ. As an example, the bank for Lifemaps.NL charges € 9 per transaction for international payments from countries outside EU. Lifemaps.NL will pay the transaction costs in The Netherlands and, if applicable, you will pay the transaction costs on your side.
  • After your payment is received you’ll receive an email with the invoice before the end of the next working day.
  • The lifemap package will be sent to you with Track & Trace.  You’ll receive an email with the T&T code before the end of the next working day after posting. You’ll find the paper envelope containing the lifemap package in your letterbox.

Privacy is of key importance. is a low tech website with a catalogue. There is no client data stored on it. At enrollment you will be asked to indicate your acceptance of the Privacy & cookies statement. Your personal data are treated in conformance with the privacy rules. They are not used for marketing, other than to individually approach you if you have shown interest at one point and sometime after your project has finished, for the purpose of evaluation. You can indicate not to want to receive email anymore after that.

Return policy

In case you might decide after confirmation and payment that the lifemaps project is not a good match for you, you can indicate so per email within a week after the introduction. You have a right to return your lifemap package within 14 days after the introduction.  Return shipping costs are your responsibility. When the lifemap arrives as new you’ll get a full refund. In case something is missing, you will get an email with a photo to show it and if such is the case with the amount that is substracted from your total refund. Within two days after this assessment you’ll receive the applicable refund for the project. There is no refund for the postal costs.


Do you have a complaint? In that case please let me know as soon as possible via Contact or via phone. We will discuss the matter together. You will receive full cooperation from Lifemaps.NL.

Company information

Lifemaps.NL is a one woman social enterprise, registered with the Chamber of Commerce Utrecht, The Netherlands, under 30213990. BTW-ID (matters concerning VAT) is NL001246484B58. Email to

Ellen van Dongen
Laag-Nieuwkoop 9
3628GB Kockengen

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